“My Experience” – Coachella

Coachella was awesome, bro. It was dope. Did I tell you how dope it was? I got all these urban outfitters shirts–mostly patterns for the weekend. Had to include some neon though. Everyone needs to know I’m chill–I can party. I mean, I got 4 likes on my first instagram.

But seriously, NOTHING comes close to the vibes at Coach. Everybody is free–having a good time. There was a solid 4 hours where I forgot about my student loan debt.

Weather is perfect. Totally organic. I found paradise at Coach.

I met this girl Jamie from San Diego State. Hottest ass. Probably did cross fit or something. Anyway we started makin out, drinkin some beers at the garden.

Me and my buddy Dom brought Jamie and her friend back to our tent. We scored this killer bud ealier in the week, saved it for Coach. We all get baked. LIKE BAKED. No seriously LIKE YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW. MEGA HIGH. Anyway, I’m a little sweaty, you know, it’s hot. We start makin out. It’s sick. Had to be there. But she took of my pants, smelled my balls and saw my tiny dick. She grabbed her friend and left the tent.

I mean, whatever. So the next day we hit up the mainstage. So chillllllllllllllll all day. Brought my extra strength speed stick with me. Good thing too. Popped on my neon sunglasses and felt the sun on my back. Probably should have put more sunblock on.

Saturday night was so awesome. Better than anything ever. NOTHING was better than Saturday night. Bro, you had to be there. You don’t even know how good it was. I can’t even describe. Bassnectar was DOPE. The beats were pretty hard to bob my hand to, but so much is goin on with girls’s boobies out. I had to leave early because my buddy suffers from epilepsy, but that first track was hard.

Coachella is unlike ANYTHING in this world. I felt at home. It’s not actually my home though–probably won’t ever be, but you know what I’m saying. I have a pretty sweet deal at home right now with my parents and younger brother. They give me a lot of shit about working and stuff, but it’s all good. Next year I’m definitely going back. We’re like a family out there. Everyone that goes to weekend 1 knows how much better Coach is the first week. Second week is lame as hell. Seriously.



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