Sad Day – Remembering PT

So yesterday my parents made the hard decision to put down my best bud, PT.  She (yes, she. Fuck off) was the most chill dog you could ask for.  She wouldn’t fetch shit, or go buckwild, but she was the cutest motherfker.

photo (16)

PT lived for three things; food, humping my mom’s leg, and sleeping.  She loved when you scratched the back of her ear.  If she smelled dog shit, she would choke herself out just to get a better whiff. Is that food?  She’ll beg you like a mo’fker for sum dat meat. She was my nigga.

PT was 15 years young and I’ll never forget that bich.  I know she’s not watching over me in doggy heaven because all that mumbo jumbo is bullshit, but she had one hell of a ride.

Here are some photos from the past year.

photo (9) (1)


photo (18)

photo (20)

photo (19)

photo (17)

photo (1)

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