Awyee Takes On: The Great Healthcare Debate


Americans are a strange breed. To avoid making people feel uncomfortable, we prefer to hide any discussion focusing on politics and money–subjects that dictate our very existence. I’m not talking about prying into personal wealth or vehemently destroying someone’s political viewpoint, but an open forum for talking and listening, an open vessel for conversation and understanding.  Unfortunately everything today is pinned to the extreme end of the argument–all Muslims are definitely terrorists, liberals want everything for free and f*ck eachothers butts, and conservatives want the right to both shoot and own every woman’s womb.  Should we stop for a moment, you’d likely see the greater majority of us bickering against one another, each hold our views strongly out of the greater good of our hearts, whether we agree or disagree on the methods.

That being said, the Republicans currently holding our country hostage deserve to be shot in the face and dumped into -1 million pH acid.  If there’s one thing Awyee can’t stand, its self righteous, bigoted sore losers.

Many many months ago President Obama forcefully brought a major public issue to the forefront–the issue of lacking public health care and boy did it stir shit up.  Now not only are private health insurance companies required to spend 85% of their revenues on providing real health services, Obama opened up a major opportunity for the uninsured to join a secure pool without the worry of pre-existing conditions. He set up a limited timeframe for sign up to encourage eligible candidates to not skimp the system and wait to register, while also effectively increasing the money funneled into the health insurance sector.  Looks like a win-win to me. Those poor shitheads who spend money on gold teeth and iphones using Medicare to cover their Crip gunshot wound–he’s got to pay a yearly fine close to $1,000 for not joining the program. Moochers will pay either way. Buy insurance or pay for nothing in taxes. But there’s always an opposition. A side that doesn’t see the potential good, or the current disarray.

The constitution.  All the tea-party dipshits swear by it, as if it’s god’s gift. They think Obamacare is desecrating their beloved doctrine. The same people who think guns don’t kill people. The same people who WORSHIP JESUS.

Let’s make this clear. America is a lot of things, but the most insanely bullshit thing existing within the bounds of the American border is the maaaassive population of Christians who do the exact opposite of what Jesus taught. There’s no way around it. Did Jesus say don’t help that homeless man with nothing to eat, f*ck him, let that lazy parasidic sh*thead starve to death and burn in a fiery hellhole.  I suppose he said “My brethren, thou who buys the new Ford F150 will be given vast kudos by his homo-hating brothers and placed beside me in heaven. Guns are necessary and must be used in the quickest and shortest moments of hasty decision.’

I love when people argue whether America is a Christian nation because it encapsulates so many things wrong with religion and the establishment of a community around an idol rather than ideals.  To kids, Jesus was a man, that lived 2,000 years ago, that now represents Santa Claus, Easter bunnies, and long hair. To adults, he represents a good feeling of small deeds that on a large scale don’t mean sh*t and an excuse for arguing your personal agenda. Do you think jesus more or less favored capitalism. I’m sure you’re trying to justify, ‘well, some profit isn’t bad, people have to eat? right?’ Sure. You have to put food on the table. But at the cost of paying your beaner employees $4 an hour and letting theirs live in a sh*tbrick cabin in debt for their whole life. Or overlooking safety and human rights violations for the greater development of the nation. You think Jesus would shrug at the enslaved Jews in Egypt and say ‘Well, they boosted GDP growth by 11% year over year’. No, you dumbass.


Now let’s get back to the health care debate–which shouldn’t exist. If you don’t think healthcare is a right, you’re still good to go. You don’t want it? You don’t need to buy it–but then again, the government doesn’t need to pay for your laziness in covering your emergencies. Pay the fine or tax, and shut your trap. Get hit by a truck and make sure you’re fully dead, because you’re not coming out of the hospital without a bankruptcy claim. When close to 70% of all bankruptcies in the United States are declared from medical issues, and half of those had some form of health coverage, you have to wonder how f*cked everything is. So if you’re whining and griping about a little tax you have to stump up in case you get hurt, remember, we’re still f*cked.


At the time of this posting, it will be the third day of the  Federal government shut down (for no constructive reason). The Affordable Care Act was passed and signed a long time ago, with a significant lead time for an easier and smoother transition. The debate was yesterday.  It is a law, finished, finito, done. There is no need for President Obama to come and meet for negotiations. Nothing under this law is up for bargaining. To make all things clear, every congressional member supporting the freeze deserves to be sent to the middle of a warring battle between two primitive African tribes.  I hope their flesh gets minced like my Chipotle pulled pork and fed to lions.  Holding the nation hostage is no different than a terrorist threat. Making absurd demands will not be met because you’re incredulous. Get your head out of your ass and man up. You lost this battle, bro. War’s over Now stop hurting civilians and get back to arguing how you’re more American than me. Put your American flag pin on.  Focus on getting those bad guys in a country far far away. Buy that Chevy, or John Deere. Everything will be alright.


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